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"Save the World! Start with Yourself !"

While having fun in the process!....Tom Ray


The Smart Thinker's way!

Dateline GloTag® Press.... Breaking News! People are losing weight and enjoying losing it.  Smokers are happily becoming non-smokers without the craving for a cigarette.  Drinkers are feeling confident and relaxed, and having fun without the alcohol.  People are becoming non-dependent on drugs, both legal and non-legal.  Beating stress and  depression has been made simple.   Nervousness, and fear of hurting  feelings is being wiped out. Cancer cures are being assisted, and  sicknesses and failures of all kinds are being reduced.

The discovery of the  "Laws of Smart Thinking" is assisting the everyday individual in finding that success in most areas of their lives is truly an easy thing to achieve.


Read my book, and I will show you how to win at these modern day challenges, and have fun in the process."      Tom Ray

It is very interesting that the majority of the people of the world are not really concerned about their thinking process.  The reason for this: They were born thinking, and they have assumed that it is an automatic process.

Unfortunately, thinking is like speaking; one should pick and choose what and how he or she does it. One does not raise his or her  voice in the library. That  is an accepted rule. 

There are rules that govern thinking and its effect on our body and the way we speak and present ourselves. The Laws of Smart Thinking can have a wonderful effect on our everyday lives.

Tom Ray has formulated the true laws that govern Smart Thinking, and he has explained how you can use Smart Thinking for a fun, successful, exciting and healthy life.

Every man, woman, and child should be taught how to govern, control and protect his or her body, his or her life,  using this simple, but revolutionary information.




Tom Ray states.......

Because of my 10 years' experience, in the South Texas Medical Center, in San Antonio, Texas, if you do as I say, you will experience favorable changes in your life and health, immediately.  

With every moment, your life will get better and better.

In my research, I have concluded that most people have been using outdated and untrue information in their attempts to get the really good things that they want out of this life.

If you were to write a story of how you would like your life to be, would you write the story just as it is today? I don't think so.  I know you would change a few things.

The wonderful thing is, you can make most of these great  changes with very little effort on your part.

Your words and your thoughts and your actions can cause you health failure, and financial ruin, and you will not even know that it is happening to you, until it is too late.

This has nothing to do with religion; it has to do with.....

The revolutionary discovery of how to use the simple and amazing Laws of Smart Thinking.

When you read what I have to say, being the smart intelligent person that you are, I know you will benefit beyond your wildest expectations.

You will see some wonderful things happen in your life that you never thought were possible. 

Go with me on this, or continue your present path.  It is your choice.  Do as I ask.  You will thank me for it! 

GloTag® Press is a platform that provides information through Tom Ray's book, The Puzzle Factory Syndrome©, and his Bookmarks for Success, The One Dollar Success Plan©.

His Book, tapes, games, puzzles and CD's, will show you how to make...

your life a lot easier and a lot more enjoyable!



©2005 by Tom Ray